Nursing Facility Resembling Village Opens in the Netherlands

Architects in the Netherlands have created a new innovative way for persons with dementia to live. The “dementia-focused living center,” De Hogeweyk or Hogewey, is a complex designed to resemble a village with restaurants, a supermarket, town square and other town-like amenities, in addition to twenty three apartments that each house six to eight persons. The patients can use the village amenities as they would in their own hometowns, which help the residents maintain their quality of life.

Hogewey’s creators have explained that the setting’s purpose is to maintain as much of a normal life as possible without endangering the patients. While there may be mixed feelings about Hogewey, this appears to be an innovative way to allow persons with dementia to live their lives with a feeling of independence that they may not have at a conventional nursing facility.

You can read more about Hogewey via the following sources … here, here and here.

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