What You May Not Know About Ambulance Services

Several months ago an article appeared in the Los Angeles Times containing information that many people may not know about ambulance services. This article, titled online as “Ambulances: Basic info about a service you may take for granted,” includes useful information, including the maximum time allowed for an ambulance to respond to a 9-1-1 call, how the ambulance personnel decides to which hospital they will deliver the patient, and the average cost of the ambulance ride.

An online copy of this article can be found here.

(Zamosky, Lisa. “Things to know about ambulance service.” Los Angeles Times 26 Jan. 2014; B3. Print; Zamosky, Lisa. “Ambulances: Basic info about a service you may take for granted.” Los Angeles Times 26 Jan. 2014; Web. 27 May 2014.)

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