Don’t Forget Your Pets When Creating Your Estate Plan

To most pet owners, a pet is a member of the family. You care for your pet while you are alive, so why wouldn’t you make sure they are taken care of after your death?

If you own pets, you need to think about who will take care of them after you die, and whether that person has enough funds to do so. When you create an estate plan, make sure to discuss the future of your pets’ care. You can name a beneficiary in your Will or Trust to receive your animals, and you can create a pet trust if you want to make funds accessible for your pets’ care.

A pet trust is just that – a trust specifically designed to allow a person (the trustee) to use certain funds for your pets’ care. The pet trust can be as specific as you want regarding the terms of the care and distributions made. When your pets pass away, the remainder of the pet trust is distributed as set forth in the pet trust.

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